Buy Mixer – Alto Ghibli 16FX. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. User’s Manual GHIBLI 16/ GHIBLI 16FX CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE/WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS R LTO Version September Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX. CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS. Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX TECH.

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Speed 2 8 Vibrato1 Base Rev. This feature allows you to connect two stereo sources at the same time for each stereo channel, enlarging the real number of signals you can manage at ggibli same time. Rugged construction ensures long life and durability External power supply design for professional applications. Always use proper ready-made insulated mains cabling power cord.

Speed 3 15 Chorus2 Base Rev. It allows also to modify the amount of left and right level for a stereo input signal balance function. All the information presented in this Warranty Registration Card gives the manufacturer a better understanding of the sales status, so as to purport a more effective and efficient after-sales warranty service.

Inserting this processor it is possible to increase and optimize the general performance at low frequency of the mixer. Any photocopy, translation, or reproduction of part of this manual without written permission is forbidden. In no event shall LTO be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Before connecting mics or instruments, make sure that the power of all your systems components including the mixer is turned off.

You will get the smooth, accurate more natural and open sound from this apparatus, and it is really ideal for small gigs, recording and fixed PA installations. You can use both for stereo and for surround system wiring.


Also, make sure that all input and output controls of your mixer are turned down. This could cause electric shock or fire.

File:ALTO GHIBLI 16FX mixer.jpg

Servicing Refer 16fs servicing to qualified service personnel only. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord. You can shape the tone of each channel by adjusting the equalizer controls as desired. It is used to boost male voice, kickdrum or bass guitar. So you should follow these procedures for every single channel: This symbol, wherever used, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions.

For safety, keep product clean and free from dust. This warranty does not apply to the damages to this product that occurred as the following conditions: The compression algorithm applied to the sound is shown by two yellow LEDs. Do not use any solvents such as Benzol or Alcohol. If in doubt, seek advice from a registered electrician. Turn this control fully counterclockwise and the signal will be present only on the left speaker and viceversa.

Hazardous Live Terminal ON: And in such cases, all the expenses will be charged to the buyer. Failure to do so could result in fire. Of course a wide number of intermediate positions are available.

Ghibli 16 | Nilfisk-ALTO GHIBLI 16FX User Manual | Page 10 / 19

Now repeat the same sequence for all other input channels. Do not use this product when in close proximity to water. These are designed for your safety. Not paying enough attention to the input signal level, to the routing 116fx the signal and the assignment of the signal will result in unwanted distortion, a corrupted signal or no sound at all. Cleaning When required, either blow off dust from the product or use a dry cloth.


You can connect balanced, low impedance microphones or a low level signal to the XLR socket. Your system will sound much bigger than what it is.

Power Cord and Plug Do not tamper with the power cord or plug. Speed 3 7 Vibrato2 Base Rev.

Alto Ghibli 16FX – 16-Channel Mixing Console with Digital Effects

During the warranty service, LTO may ghbili or replace this product at its own option at no charge to you for parts or for labor in accordance with the right side of this limited warranty. To prevent fire and damage to the product, use only the recommended fuse type as indicated in this manual.

Instead of operating in accordance with the user’s manual thoroughly, any abuse or misuse of this product. The two yellow LEDs show the amount of compression applied to the input signal. Abnormal service or repairing by anyone other than the qualified personnel or technician. A brief description of the defect will be appreciated. While speaking into the mic or playing the instrumentadjust the channel level control so to maintain a good headroom and ideal dynamic range.

In case of return for any warranty service, please make sure that the product is well packed in its original alfo carton, and it can protect your unit from any other extra damage.