Andrea Del Sarto. Called. Sarto. Called “The Faultless Painter”. Robert Browning (–) . “Rafael did this, Andrea painted that;. The Roman’s is the. Andrea del Sarto has 28 ratings and 3 reviews. sigurd said: Sarà capitato a tutti in adolescenza di voler scrivere una lettera alla persona di cui ci sia. Dive deep into Robert Browning’s Andrea del Sarto with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion.

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Andrea Del Sarto Poem by Robert Browning – Poem Hunter Comments

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Like Fra Lippo Lippi, it presents a study of mind of an artist.

The two painters, the two painters Fra and Andrea personify two different natures and temperament, and it is these nrowning affect their art. Life affects art no less than art affects life.

While the irrepresing zestful Fra produces works of art which are noteworthy for their vim and vigor, verve and vitality, the weak willed and infatuated husband, Andrea is proved to be technically perfect without the soaring grandeur of great art. The poem opens with Andrea pleading to his wife for a little consideration for him. He is too tired to paint now and promises to satisfy all the requirements of her lover friend who has commissioned him to paint a picture on the next day.

Now he would like to sit in her company so that he could rise the next morning cheerful and fresh. He admires her beauty. She is like a moon to him and also to every one while she belongs to no one.


Seeing her smile in that pose he can easily paint a picture because she possesses the harmony dl a painter requires. The scene around them, his character, his problems are all subdued to the silver grey. He is trapped into misappropriating the money provided by the king of France and building a luxurious home for her.

Andrea del Sarto by Robert Browning

The lower he sinks in morality and self-esteem, the weaker he grows in his power to conceive or conceptualize noble things. He recalls the time spent at the French court receiving an honorable and respectful treatment.

Those days were the best part of his life because he, sometimes, could see a glimpse of the heavenly light that Raphael saw daily. The French king highly valued his art and treated him very graciously and kindly as well. But even there it was the thought of his wife that provided the strongest motive for him because the highest motive sarrto to come to her.

Analysis of Andrea del Sarto by Robert Browning

But all that is ancrea over. Andrea realized that true art is produced not by technical but by spiritual reach, that art is not mechanical reproduction but organic creation, that art involves not sight but insight, not sensation but vision. Art enshrines the excitement, the expensiveness, the euphoria, the ecstasy of the artist: But even there he likely would be eclipsed by the others because he will have his wife Lucretia while they will have none.


He would choose her in preference to artistic achievement in heaven, just as he sacrificed the achievement for her sake on this earth. Ssrto also implies that art is the consequence of struggle and failure in life and at the same time also the perception of joy and beauty. Downloading text is forbidden on ahdrea website.

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