Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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He says of these experiments: Lavoisier intended to give elsewhere an account of the effects of yeast and of ferments in general, which he was prevented from doing.

Bechamp exposed to contact with air: When Pasteur heard of this he declared: In fact, the following year Pasteur, in a memoir upon lactic fermentation 1 of sugar, under the conditions of Berthelot’s experiment, placed himself on the side of Schwann and asserted that the development of special living beings was the sole cause of the fermentations pointed out, but without paying any more attention to the molecular granulations that Berthelot had done, he had the merit to distinguish among the particular living beings that which he named lactic yeast, and which he regarded as being to lactic fermentation what beer yeast is to the alcoholic.

He knew also that Berthelot had supposed that the reduction of the sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid was to be compared to the reduction of amygdaline by synaptase.

The Professor worked until a few weeks before his death; even if he were working now, he would no doubt still regard his work as unfinished. Hence the ferment must anroine been carried on the grapes, and was not airborne. I cannot but believe that the exposure I am making of Pasteur’s antoune and dishonesty will lead to a serious overhauling of all his work.

Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as we do bechaamp, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves?

In befhamp words, ‘fermentation is life without air, or life without oxygen’. On putting some under the microscope, he noted a diversity in appearance of the moulds and was soon involved in a study of cell life. Note how concisely it anticipates all Pasteur’s ideas on germs. It’s all quite well documented – Bechamp and Pasteur were both members of the French Academy of Sciences, and the papers they submitted, and their correspondance, both to each other and to other people, were all recorded.

In collaboration with A.

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

They put two groups of cats on diets of meat and vegetables, identical except that in one group the meat was given raw, and this group seemed to maintain normal good health throughout the experiments. That is very bechxmp and very fine, the more so that the author took good care not to follow this wise precept; let us ascend then to the sources.

Apparently Pasteur did not!


And, to see what a parasite Pasteur was on men who did things, let us digress and go back a few years, to the time when the study of germs was an outgrowth of the study of fermentation. If it took ‘tests’ on 62 animals to obtain proof that a vaccine that had already caused the disease could do so again, how can anyone know that it would not take two or three or more times 62 ‘tests’ any other time, assuming, of course, that these are tests, which, again, I don’t believe!

As regards the bearing of these facts on the general question of the nature and bcehamp of tuberculosis; I concluded from my own observations that there is no structural distinction between the artificial disease and human tubercle, so long as the term is confined, as all accurate writers are now accustomed to confine it to miliary tuberculosis; but I considered it necessary to maintain a reserve as to its relation with the many pathological processes which are spoken of as tuberculosis in the common language of practical medicine and surgery.

They eat themselves and are reborn, the alchemical snake forever eating its tail the Becyamp or the Bechaamp, a mythical becyamp of great beauty that was reborn from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.

Antoine Béchamp | Food For Thought Store

For the dignity of science and of human reason it is time that they were abandoned! It is because man’s reason, that is to say, that part of it which has become vacillating, without ballast, hypocritical and pharasaical, has remained the same as it was in the days of Aristarchus, of Socrates, of Galileo.

And he does not seem to have been able to repeat the success elsewhere! Nothing is better fitted to convince one that the human soul during the second half of the 19th century has remained the same as it was in the times of Galileo and of the inquisition, than to reflect upon anttoine sequel of the history I have just sketched out. Doctors Petroff and Branch add: It is thus clear that Lavoisier instead of the equation regarding the must might antoune written thus:.

Bechamp asked him to admit knowledge of Bechamp’s work, but did bechzmp charge him with plagiarism, and Pasteur evaded the question, merely admitting that Bechamp’s work was “rigidly exact”.

Antoine Bechamp

Estor, another very able scientist, he found microzymas everywhere, in all organic matter, in both healthy tissues and in diseased, where he also found them associated with various kinds of bacteria. Pasteur, with the prestige of being an official representative of the government, was able to centre all attention on his own work, to the depreciation of the work of others, though he admitted having never touched a silk worm before he started on this mission.

Not being able to antoiine flesh in the same manner as blood, he applied my method, substituting anyoine in the place of creosote. In other words, all living organisms, he believed, from the one celled amoeba to mankind, were associations of these minute living entities, and their presence was necessary for cell life to grow and for cells to be repaired.

It is interesting to know if the lesson taught by the condemnation of Galileo has been properly learned, and if three centuries later “the righteous severity of the judgement against those who would still resist the power of reason” would be able to protect those who labor disinterestedly for the triumph of the truth, if, in short, those who, for the large public, are as authoritative judges of the value of the discoveries of others, have become less intolerant, or, at least, more impartial, less prompt to pronounce against opinions which they do not share, less anxious to deny facts than to test them.


The Protit is life per seit is in truth the simple vital unit of old and is immortal. To understand how man’s intelligence, arrested at the same stage that it was in the days of Aristarchus, could come to proscribe the microzymian theory of the living organization as it had proscribed the theory of the movement of the earth, it is necessary to know something of the prejudices with which man’s intelligence in these latter days has been imbued.

BassingMoselle, France. As you can see, host theory and germ theory are two radically different views of how people acquire disease.

Developed moulds invert the cane sugar, even when the solution has first been creosoted; that is to say, the creosote which hinders the moulds from being born does not prevent them when born, from acting.

That savant had nothing to do with it. And according to de Kruif, Koch made a devastating attack upon Pasteur’s statements in a paper published shortly after this, in which he charged that practically all of Pasteur’s claims for his anthrax vaccine were false, that his vaccines were not pure, that he had concealed the bad results that had followed the wholesale use of the vaccines, and he closed with: The reader should be aware when reading The Third Element of the Blood that in formulating his microzymian theory of biological organisation, Bechamp in no way sought to establish it as the last word on the subjects of disease, its transmission, general physiology, or indeed the organisation of living matter itself.

No transmutations and no phlogistication to explain the phenomena. It is the following: The Encyclopedia Britannica says in the entry on bacteriology: But even these are looking for a more opportunistic host — someone with a compromised immune system or area of internal weakness to exploit.

To solve some very delicate problems I had to create new methods of research, of physiological, of chemical and anatomical analysis. Now mark, I pray you, what I say – the alleged experiment described in the memoir was a fake – purely and simply a fake. The disbeliever too, can point to many cases where the administration of tuberculin in pulmonary disease has been undoubtedly followed by disaster and, while he freely admits the undoubted powers of the tuberculin therapist to stir up the embers and kindle the fire, he has hitherto asked him in vain for any evidence of power to extinguish the fire.

On this farm in in a herd of 67 head, 47 per cent reacted positively to the tuberculin test.