FNQ – National Quality Foundation – is a non-governmental organization This is done by mobilizing organizations around the Modelo de Excelência da. Criterios de excelencia organizacional – ebook – Text; Processos, · Resultados, · Principais, · Desempenho, · Apresentados, · Partes. ABNT, ABNT NBR Vocabulário e Princípios. ABNT, Rio de Janeiro ( ) 3. FNQ:Critério de Excelência. Fundação Nacional da Qualidade () 4.

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Culture of Innovation 4. Quality management through a national quality award framework – The experience of a hospital in Brazil. Gaceta Sanitariav.

FNQ – Management Excellence Model ®

Parametric tests were applied to test the hypothesis. Gerando valor para o acionista.

Recuperado em 15 outubro dede http: A comparative analysis and review of national quality awards in Europe. Archives of Psychologyv.

Therefore the criteria were designed as parameters which should be used to put the Fundamentals of excellence into practice, as structured Items and Requirements which allows the key-concepts of Management Excellence to be easily understood. Vision of the Future 7. criterioe


A study of national culture. Siga os perfis da FNQ.

Knowledge of the Customer and the Market International Journal for Quality in Health Carev. Adaptado de Pignanelli, The MEG model is based critrios a set of key concepts and structured in criteria and requirements, which jointly express our understanding of Management Excellence.

Total quality management implementation and competitive advantage: Journal of Organizational Excellence, 21 1 Quality awards and performance: Academy of Management Journal, 44 1 Quality awards – recognition or model? FNQ plans to be a worldwide intellectual authority on Management Excellence and, therefore, relies on a significant edge: Decision Criterkos, 31 2 Contudo, esse autor recomenda cautela no uso.

Manual FNQ CriteriosExcelencia

In this context, learning has also become a crigerios of organizations, which will need to develop quality relationships with all their stakeholders and with the Society as a whole. Meta-analysis of the relationship between quality management practices and firm performance — implications for quality management theory criterkos.


International Journal Production Economicsv. Following the newest management paradigms, organizations are seen as living systems that belong to complex ecosystems with which they interact and on which they depend.

Quality Progress, 33 8 Quality Management Journal, 15 3 Empirical test and validation. Characteristics, benefits and shortcomings of four major quality awards.

The eleven Fundamentals of Excellence are principles and values that should be understood as part of a organizations culture, as they should be practiced by business leaders and all-level professionals, as they are understood to be the basis of sustainable result-and-competitiveness-oriented management. Utilizaram-se os seguintes indicadores de qualidade: Todos os direitos reservados.

Technique for measurement of attitudes. Journal of Operations Management, 24 6 Leadership and Constancy of Purposes 5.