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Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This equipment has been tested and dsl-g624 to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These two settings must be the same for any wireless workstations or other wireless access point that communicate with the DSL-GT through the wireless interface.

Security for wireless communication can be accomplished in a number of ways. Wireless access can also be controlled by selecting MAC addresses that are allowed to associate with the device.

Please read the section on Wireless Configuration. It is recommended that your collect and record this information here, or in some other secure place, in case you d-linj to re-configure your ADSL connection in the future.

This section provides a brief description of the Router, its associated technologies, and a list of Router features. Standards Compatibility and Compliance The DSL-GT complies with or is compatible with the following standards as recognized by their respective agencies.

To manually reboot the Router, disconnect and Note dsl-gg624t reconnect the power. It will allow access to the wireless network to devices using the correct SSID after a negotiation process takes place. Many wireless adapters are able to survey or scan the wireless environment for access points.

The access point can be placed on a shelf or desktop, ideally you should be able to see the LED indicators on the front if you need to view them for troubleshooting.

Basic Router Configuration The first time you set up the Router it is recommended that you configure the WAN connection using a single computer making sure that both the computer and the Router are not connected to the LAN.

You can launch the Setup Wizard from this page or use the buttons located in the left panel of the web page to view other windows used for basic configuration.

Wizard To use the Setup Wizard, click the Run Wizard button in the first browser window and follow the instructions in the pop-up window that appears. The initial window summarizes the setup process. Click the Itwliano button to proceed. You may stop using the Setup Wizard at any time by clicking the Exit button. This sets the system time used for the Router.

If you wish to return to the previous window during the setup process, click the Back button. Your ISP has given this information to you. Select the specific Connection Type from the drop-down menu. Most users will not need to change these settings. Click the Enable AP box to allow the router to operate in the wireless environment.

Accept the default name or change it to something else. If you are satisfied that you have entered all the necessary information correctly, click the Restart button to save the new configuration settings and restart the Router. If you need to change settings from a previous window, click the Back button. WEP encrypts the data portion d-lino each frame transmitted from the wireless adapter using one of the predefined keys. The router offers, or bit encryption with four keys available.


From the drop-down menu, select an Authentication Type: Open, Shared, or Both. Select a key by clicking a radio button on the left, select an encryption level from the drop-down menu on the right, and then enter the proper-length key.

User & Password

Key length is outlined at the bottom of the window. Make sure the Enable AP checkbox at the top of the window has been ticked. Under Security, click the WPA radio button. For most small networks, such as in a small business or home-based enterprise, WPA is the easiest way to obtain effective network security. This should be obtained from your ISP. This Pre-Shared Key is a hexadecimal value of characters in length. This Pre-Shared Key is an alphanumeric value of characters in length When you are finished, click Apply.

Under the ATM VC Settings at the top of the window should not be changed unless you have been instructed to change them. The Router will save the new settings and restart. Upon restarting the Router will automatically establish the WAN connection. Dynamic IP default setting for.

In this case you need to change this Static IP setting to. The window will display settings that are appropriate for the connection type you select. Follow the instruction below according to the type of connection you select in the WAN Settings window. The service provider assigns a global IP address from a pool of addresses available to the service provider.

This defines both the connection type and encapsulation method used for your ADSL service. For applications or circumstances where packet loss or packet delay is a concern, ATM QoS can be adjusted to minimize problems. Many users will find it convenient to use the default settings together with DHCP service to manage the IP settings for their private network. The two options for DHCP service are as follows: You will need to supply the IP addres, Subnet mask and Defualt Up to five IP addresses may be assigned to five different devices.

This will take the chosen IP address used out of the available addresses in the dynamic IP address pool and give a permanent lease time for the IP address to the selected device. The Dynamic DNS service allows a dynamic public IP address to be associated with a static host name in any of the many domains, allowing access to a specified host from various locations on the Internet.

To save the system configuration settings, click the Tools tab. You will be presented first with the Administrator Settings window. Up to eight PVCs to eight separate destinations can be created and operated simultaneously utilizing the same bandwidth.


Additional PVC connections can be added for various purposes. The PVC pull-down menu offers eight virtual connections available for configuration. These numbers will have been already been established by your service provider on their network. To add a new virtual connection: See the previous chapter for a description of the Home directory windows. When enabled, it allows other devices that support UPnP to dynamically join a network, obtain an IP address, convey its capabilities, and learn about the presence and capabilities of other devices.

The pre-configured rules include those listed in the table here: Type a Rule Name in the space provided. Configure a range of ports for forwarding. Type the lowest numbered port in the range in the Port Start space. Type the highest numbered port in the Port End space. In order to use these advanced features it is necessary to have IP addresses available for configuration. Community Ltaliano Filters Filter rules in the Router are put in place to allow or block specified traffic.


To modify any previously created filter rule, click on the note pad icon in the right hand column of the Filter List for the set you want to configure. Adjust the settings as desired and click the Apply button to put the new settings into effect.

First determine the direction of the traffic you want the rule to filter. This may be done for security or to improve network efficiency. The rules are configured for individual devices based on MAC address. Filter rules can be set up for source, destination or both. This is used to specify that mamuale packets destined for a particular network or subnet use a predetermined gateway. This IP address is not protected by NAT and will therefore be visible to agents on the Internet with the right type of software.

Firewall The Firewall Configuration window allows the Router to enforce specific predefined dslg-624t intended to protect against certain common types of attacks. There italiao two general types of protection DoS, Port Scan that can be italaino on the Router, as well as filtering for specific d-lnik types sometimes italaino by hackers.

DSLB Router Wireless G ADSL 2+ con 4 Porte 10/ | D-Link Italia

This configuration works with all ADSL implementations. If you have been given instructions to change the Modulation method used, select the desired option from the Modulation Type drop-down menu and click the Apply button.

Wireless Management The Wireless Management window located in the Advanced directory is used to control MAC address access to the wireless access point and to view a list of MAC addresses that are currently associated with the access point. This window is also be used to enable and configure use of multiple SSIDs. After compiling the list of MAC addresses as desired, click the Apply button to enforce access control for the MAC addresses in the list. To remove any MAC address from the list, click the radio button in the left column of the list for the MAC address to be removed and click the Apply button.

Wireless Performance If you want to tweek wireless settings, click the Wireless Performance window button in the Advanced directory It is recommended for most users to use the default Wireless LAN Performance settings.

Any changes made to these settings may adversely affect your wireless network. Under certain circumstances, changes may be benefit performance.

The Administrator Settings window is the first item in the Tools directory. This window is used to change the system password used to access the web manager, to save or load Router configuration settings dsl-g64t to restore default dsl-g624y.

Click the Apply button to activate the new password. Time window To configure system time on the Router, select the method used to maintain time. The levels available are: To save the current configuration settings to your computer, click the System button in the Tools directory to display the System Settings window.

You will be prompted to confirm your decision to reset the Router. The Router will reboot with manaule factory default settings including IP settings