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The engine also includes a connecting rod having a distal end that is sized for a supplementary, non-rigid, mechanical coupling to the remote surface of the piston.

Zeichnjng for connecting of longitudinal drive shaft to input shaft of differential has constant velocity joint with radially inner-lying joint hub which by internal connecting teeth fits on corresponding external teeth on input shaft. Monorails brake for cat or monorail was pave for the untertaegigen pit operation.

Coupling, especially for a diamond drill bit with a tube shaft and tube winding connection.

Antriebslösungen nach Maß

The volume of fluid pumped is thereby limited in accordance with a development of the invention that the impeller has the form of a cone having a plurality of radially and axially extending notches. The invention relates to a liquid pump, in particular for zeichnnug parts cleaner, is in which cleaning liquid is pumped from a tank by a druuckluftmotor.

The impeller 4 has radially and axially extending cuts 4 to ‘through which the liquid to be pumped by means of the centrifugal force and thus promoted upward. The air motor is connected via a motor bracket with a flanged wheel of the drum body and over a suitable pursuant from the carrier hole disc with ring gear of this twisted when compressed air drive with the drum body with respect to the fixed perforated disk, so that the hose is rolled up on the drum.

Single-wheel driving mechanism for floor conveyor vehicle, has driven running wheel directly connected with bevel gear which is rotatably supported by stationary pivot of gear housing.


DE69936301T2 – Air Motor – Google Patents

Fluid pump according to claim 7, characterized in that the second part 15 of the casing is adapted for connecting an electric motor and that an intermediate piece 32 with the second part 15 is connected, the connection of a compressed-air motor 31 allowed.

In einer Weiterbildung der Erfindung ist der Querschnitt des Verbindungskanals bzw. Driving device for druckluftmltor railway vehicle and railway vehicle provided with at least one of such driving device.

DE DEU1 en Druckluftmotot toy vehicle having differential thrust and unassisted liftoff capability. The air motor also includes a cylinder housing which is defined by the same distant and nearby areas, one in fluid communication with the engine air intake inlet and the nearby area, a plurality of air discharge openings.

Die Erfindung bezieht sich insbesondere auf einen kolbenbetriebenen Druckluftmotor. Radial piston pump with pot-shaped pistons – uses inserts concentric with piston springs to minimise fluid dead space. Dadurch wird potenzielle Energie sowohl auf die Feder als auch auf die Druckluft innerhalb des Zylinders aufgebracht. Schlauchtrommel, welche einen Trommelmantel Hose reel comprising a drum shell zecihnung 1 mit beidendseitigen Bordscheiben With flanged wheels beidendseitigen 2 2.

A means 36 proportioning the power supply to the drive motor 13 is arranged drucklufmotor the housing Liquid pump according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the magnetic coupling is formed of a connected to the shaft coupling part which by a cylindrical permanent magnet 13and from a connected with the prime mover coupling part 23the bell-shaped and contains an annular permanent magnet 14and that between the coupling parts 13, 23 is provided a cup-shaped design closing part that closes the interior of druckluftmtoor pump.

DET2 – Air Motor – Google Patents

In the embodiment of FIG. The outer casing 3 consists of an entropy-elastic material. The engine includes a cylinder, a piston and an intake valve. Gears for wind power installation with gear and shaft coupling planetary and spur zeixhnung stages of one piece construction.

Further, the air outlet duct may be formed as absorption silencer or as a reflection silencer in the form of a series of low-pass filter, a branch high-pass filter or an interference muffler.


Housing for the gearbox, in an electric-powered rail vehicle, has a structured cover druckluftmotof accommodate a large gear wheel with a large contour without complex seals. The suction pressure at the end of the sleeve 13 is thus canceled automatically if the air motor is turned on and the zzeichnung are drilled.

The actuating means 34 works by displacement relative to the means 36 in such a way that the relative position between the two determines the direction and extent of the power supply. You can set it up zeidhnung that it softens him, but also – and preferably – so that it is withdrawing it altogether.

Auxiliary drive mechanism for IC engine – incorporates tension wheel pressing against belt and driving shaft. The coupling rod 10 consists of a rod 17 coupled to the driving device and of an elongated housing 19 which is coupled to the next driven device and in which the rod 17 is mounted in a longitudinally displaceable manner and is supported on either side by springs In DE-OS 15 76 a embodied as a vane motor air motor is disclosed which has substantially similar sound attenuation as that of the aforementioned DE-PS 34 07namely, the different sized engine outlet openings, long, fitted with baffles and narrow exhaust ducts, and an exhaust plenum before the exhaust outlet to the outside.

Coating powder conveying device, especially for transporting powder from a storage container, e. Zeicnnung Kind code of ref document: It is advantageously embodied as absorption or reflection silencer associated with the dfuckluftmotor arm of the hollow holding fork. The actual invention is that Zvi rule the pressure chamber 22 and the pipe 19 with the air intake passage, a bore 23 is mounted, the tion connection, a radio, a pressure equalization can take place between the pressure chamber 22 and the Un terdruckinneren of the tube 19 with the air intake duct.