Meaning of électrogénèse in the French dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for peuvent rendre compte des troubles de l’électrogénèse corticale. Ces profils sont dans l’ensemble conformes à l’hypothèse d’un dipole à l’origine de l’électrogénèse corticale et suggèrent que les fuseaux et les pointes des. L’EEG montre une absence d’organisation physiologique de l’électrogenèse avec cécité et atrophie corticale sur l’IRM dans le cadre d’un syndrome d’Alpers .

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Compt Rend Soc Biol. Electrographic and evoked potential studies during sleep in the cat Folia Pstchiat. Sleep induced by cortical stimulation. Experientia 19 Correlations electromyographiques du sommeil chez le chat decortique et mescncephalique chronique. In Monographs in Child Psychatryedited by E. Neurophysiol, You can move this window by clicking on the headline. Etude statistique de la relation entre les ondes cerebrales et les decharges unitaires corticales. Mecanismes hypnogenes du tronc de l’encephale antagonistes du systeme reticulaire activateur.

Effets des agonistes dopaminergiques sur la somnolence chez le sujet sain – EM|consulte

Phasic changes in blood pressure and heart rate during therapid eye movement episodes of desynchronized sleep in umestrained cats. Sleep changes in threshold to electroconvubive shock in rats after deprivation of “paradoxical” phase. Humoral influences of induced sleep and arousal upon electrical brain activity of animals with crossed circulation. Slow dectrical proceases in the brain. L’organisation des divers stades du sommeil chez le chaton, de la naissance a 45 jours.


In Handbook of Physiology.

Nouvelles recherches sur l’effet elechrogenese de l’adrenaline. Effects of complete pontine transections on the sleep-wakefulness rhythm the midpontine pretrigeminal preparation. Science Evidence for the existence of monoamine neurons in the central nervous system. Bioelectric activity in the thalamus and hypothalamus of rats during cortical spreading depression.

Functional organization of the brain stem reticular formation in relation to sleep and wakefulness. The historical devdopment of the dorticale hypothesis of sleep. A method for the quantification of tonic activity in the nervous system. The timecourse of the mydriade response to darkness in the midpontime pretrigeminal cat.

As per the Law relating to information storage and personal integrity, you have the eoectrogenese to oppose art 26 of that lawaccess art 34 of that law and rectify art 36 of that law your personal data.

An electrographic study on corticwle changes of experimental seizure discharges induced by local application of convulsants in the neocortex and limbic structures during natural sleep in the cat.

Spinal reflexes in normal unrestrained cat during sleep and waltefulness. Osmolality of brain tissues and its relation to brain bulk. Les rythmes theta hippocampiques au cours du sommeil.

New York Pergamon, ,p. Mise en jeu differentielle de decharges electrogenesd breves ou prolongees apartir de certains etages du systeme activateur. Le sommeil et les reves chez les animaux. Physiologist 8 3 Blood pressure during natural sleep and during sleep induced by electrical stimulation ofthe brain stem reticular formation.


Abolition of the rapid eye movements of desynchronized sleep following vestibular lesions. Click here to see it. High-frequency activity in cortex and mesencephalic reticular formation in relation to the E. Effect of unilateral chronic lesions of the midbrain on the electrocortical activity of the eat. Structures and mechanisms responsible for slow sleep. Eflect upon the E.

La phase paradoxale du sommeil chez le Lapin ses relations neuro-hormonales. A central neural change coincident with R. Science l50 Sur un substrat metabolique a action centrale inhibitrice, le 4-Hydroxybutyrate de N.

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In Physiologie und Pathophysiologie der vegetativen nerven ystem. Sleep produced by electrical stimulation of the thalamus Am. Physiol A study of thalamo-cortical relations.

Amsterdam Elsevier,p. Cortical-subcortical relationships in the chimpanzee during different phases of sleep.

Alcione di alcunl’farmaci sul tracciato elettrico cerebrale e sul comporlamento del conig1io decorticato. Influenze de la scariche del facio piramidale dulla formazione reticolare del corricale incefalico.

Neurophysiol 1 Seuil d’excitabilite reticulaire et sommeil profond chez le chat.