Read AUTHOR’S NOTE from the story FLORANTE AT LAURA SCRIPT by JackFrost_Icey with 22 reads. laura, florante, floranteatlaura. I just wanted to share to. florante. classic. +9 more. FLORANTE AT LAURA SCRIPTby JackFrost_Icey. icon view icon vote 3 icon list 3. Sa paglisan ng ina ni Florante hanggang sa. Valsalice’s Florante at Laura script! Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on March 3, All rights reserved · Nikon D mm .

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In the middle of the jungle, a man tied to the tree as if repeatedly beaten and pursued her breath. Her name was Florence. While tied to the tree, saying his past and one of them is Albanian, a kingdom where he was born, which is now endangered. Drop me forgive all because I did not able to defend our kingdom against ruthless renegade and Adolfo.

It seems nothing seems to love me! Bitter of my life! Plucked the crown of King Linceo to accomplish his desire. As the Duke Briseo my father was his dinamay. When she see him with a bound was detected around ditong two lions. He was prepared and attacked the lion. Then he killed the two lions he was released Florante.


So he hastily shot and killed it. I was walking and also took a areon on my chest my Cupidong diamond. Good thing I’m not lost. Relating inaarte child while Florante. When I was nine years old and I’m always on the hill carrying my bow lauta I pana’t looking animal to hit my bow. When I’m tired I will rest and bathing in streams where you fun singing the nayades while they played their lira. Their tawana’y nakapagpapawala my tired. Sinasalaysay inaarte child while Florence nagkakantahan the nayades.

One day while walking with his nakasabay Florante Adolfo, his countrymen.


He noticed the fine action. Dear mother, why have you left? And even though we only met for a long time. You can not die endless crying. Humihingi help scrippt Krotona you please cover risk because of General Osmalik. Outstanding soldier of Osmalik: Where is the enemy?! They see Florence, and another soldier Menandro One What if something bad happen to him?

Let me turn my life story The name of my Aladin from the cities of Persia. Son of the famous Ali-Sultan. When I heard beheaded my dear, I begged the king not to pursue it, finish it, I wore clothes to escape the realm warrior. Sad and cry When you’re losing, that the people become confused.

I frequently undertake by Adolfo Furthermore, he killed my father, the king and become your father, Duke Briseo. Should they will seek to charge Adolfo his sins when they see everything properly.

After a brief conversation is all back in Albania. Happy people who saw them back properly. Immediately turn the marriage by dinaos smurf and grow by Aladin and Flerida after they both baptized. Florence, I will let you temporarily aside. May reported because to me who died, my father. I need him to go. Despite his fault me, he still remains my father. I will replace him on the spot so intolerable before we meet again.

We promise we will return here to inquire about you and your spouse. In his, rule, restored the former character of the kingdom. Returned to peace, progress and come back again as the usual people.

Sections of this page. Join or Log Into Facebook. January 28, at 3: Dark, dense, silent and dangerous. Oh, my God Father, Last, Last, your mercy! I’m not going away saking thought that I do not want help. If so, how I am, who I can turn and makakapitan if God Himself would not help me!

Farewell, Albania, my birth, I forgive you just because you defended. Farewell, my country also letting you. Adolfong cruel, treacherous Laurang! Oh, yung voice I hear? Adolfong was cruel monster if more harm. Seems I saw this person? After some time with Florence was born and Laura where are you? Help me leave here Not to answer the infamous Aladin and maybe hope that matuluyan Florante Who are you and why am I here?


Have not you noticed that we are odds? Perhaps, but you are in need of help.

Maybe I was dead if you do not arrive. Do not you know that simply increasing your pain? Arriving in the morning detected by Aladin Florante strong so it was his embrace. Thank you for all your help friends! What is your problem? Laira start my story I was born beginning. The two sat down to magkuwetuhan. The mother, Princess Floresca I live in Krotona. I was named to Florence. When I was baby I’m quite a vulture swooped.

Why, he even quit? For better teaching there. Who will take care of him there? With the advent of Florence to Athens Or, why it seems you sad? I do not please leave as Albania.

After six more years of education One afternoon, gathered the students Antenor. There will be lauda dramatization of the tragedy of two Apo. When you start the play-stardom. Menandro helped Florante Adolfo, stop your mania.

Florante At Laura Script Stock Images

Completed the festival and never saw Adolfo. Yet glorante a year, a letter came for Florence. Florence, remember you always take precautions with Adolfo. I remember is your charge. Be careful you Flortante. Menandro, along with Alejandro in Albania.

Duke Briseo embraced the father or younger. Suddenly there came a messenger. Expect we love the help. Florence, we will go to King Linceo.