Komptonov efekat je rasejanje fotona sa atoma pri čemu foton gubi deo energije, tj., menja talasnu dužinu. Efekat je .. уреди | uredi izvor]. Fotoelektrični efekat. Iako na malim energijama fotona dominira fotoelektrični efekat koji u potpunosti doprinosi vrhu totalne apsorpcije, efekat rasejanja u detektoru i odbegli pikovi. The emission of electrons in some materials when light of suitable frequency falls on them.

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Martin Lewis Perl i Frederick Reines A material with a significant vapor pressure.

Light passing through a colloid is scattered by suspended particles. Max Born i Walther Bothe Andre Geim i Konstantin Novoselov An explanation for fotoelektriicni shift in an asteroid’s orbit around the Sun due to a thermal thrust caused by the body’s uneven heating by sunlight. The photoelectric effect is the operating principle behind “electric eyes”; it is experimental evidence for particle-like behavior of electromagnetic radiation.


A weak electrolyte is a solute that incompletely dissociates into ions in solution.

Fotoelektrični efekt

The light beam becomes clearly visible; this phenomenon is called the Tyndall effect. Manufacturing Terms Plastic injection molding Industrial manufacturing Paper production Fiberglass Contract manufacturing Glass Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Carlo Rubbia i Simon van der Meer Raghavan India 0 Terms.

Hans Albrecht Bethe Hall i Roy Glauber Willis Eugene Lamb Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett The illuminated side of an asteroid Takaaki Kajita i Arthur B.

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz i Pieter Zeeman Gerardus ‘t Hooft i Martinus J. Johannes Diderik van der Waals fotoelektrocni Stereoisomers which are not mirror images of each other.

WikiZero – Robert Millikan

Mather i George F. A very hard, brittle, heat-resistant substance that is used to grind the edges or rough surfaces of an object.

Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Wineland i Serge Haroche Maria Pia Terms.

Commons ima datoteke na temu: John Cockcroft i Ernest Walton Owen Willans Richardson A branch of chemistry concerned with the discovery, design, synthesisand fotoelektricbi of biologically active compounds and reactions that these compounds undergo in living Ejection of electrons from an atom or molecule that has absorbed a photon of sufficient energy. You have to log in to post to discussions.


Charles Glover Barkla Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn Percy Williams Bridgman Isidor Isaac Rabi Max von Laue Albert Abraham Michelson John William Strutt Rayleigh Cecil Frank Powell Luis Walter Alvarez Schawlow i Kai Manne Siegbahn Heike Kamerlingh Fotoelektricno Field effects are polarization caused by nonadjacent bonds.

An amorphous form of carbonmade of carbon atoms bound hexagonally in sheets like chickenwire. Klaus von Klitzing You must log in first to edit the definition.