Get the guaranteed best price on Powered Mixers like the Soundcraft GigRac Powered Mixer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on. finish that gives the GigRac its tough and unique look. Amplifier Power Ratings. GigRac GigRac 1 x W @ 4 Ohms. 2 x W @ 4 Ohms. 1 x W. GigRac (W), and the £ GigRac (2xW) as tested. Setting up GigRac really is effortless and in many respects can be compared to the simple.

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This can be in two places, your power supply is shutting down thermal because of a component fault, and or your Amp s are overheating due to also a component fault. This is a nice touch. This will in turn blow the fuse F1.

Log in Become a member. It’s drawbacks are few but here they are: The small TO black transistor TR33 seen protruding out of the heatsink is the thermal controller that is part of the biasing circuit. Perhaps the designer deemed a non-mechanical solution is more reliable.

gihrac Posted on Feb 23, Be the first to answer. I’ve used many different portable PA heads and I’ve liked a good many of them but the Soundcraft has that extra little bit of cleanliness and quality that sets it apart from the crowd.


The GigRac has a built in case and weighs 22 lbs.

Free shipping offers are not valid on this machine. Please call for details. In other words, the hotter it gets, the higher the resistance. Due to rapidly changing laws and regulations, we cannot be responsible for the legality of the use of this product by any particular purchaser.


So I know what you are going through. A special optocoupler, a MOC, is used to control the operation of the Triac.

Good luck on your quest. The power amplifier schematic in Fig 5 reveals some interesting ideas. To protect itself, the Triac TR3 is automatically shuts off. The capacitors can heal briefly and then start to short. My Brothers, I need a 60 powered mixer for small jobs and jam sessions.

One of my biggest complaint with the box type powered PA mixers is the lack of individual channel metering. Consider what happens when the GigRac suffers from a major fault, like blown power transistors in the power amplifiers. A fan is used to extract the heat away. Answered on May 04, Join the HC Newsletter.


Of these three, it is the InRush Current Limiting section that deserves a deeper look.

Also the actual power amp section is very clean as well! Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. The signal is further amplified in the 2nd stage by another differential TR23, TR It is well designed electronically and the modules within are easy to disassemble.

Soundcraft Gigrac 2xwpc 8 Input Powered Mixer With Digital | eBay

The components enclosed by the thick white line top right corner are for InRush Current Limiting. The GigRac is blessed with a decently sized heatsink Fig 4 to cool the power transistors.

Buy in bulk and save. How about the Soundcraft GigRac ? One should also check the rectifier in operation with an oscilloscope as one diode could intermittently short. One needs to use test equipment to measure the current through the resistor and see if it is reasonable.

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