GoldWave is a commercial digital audio editing software product developed by GoldWave Inc, . Español · Français · 한국어 · Italiano · Polski · Português · Suomi · Tiếng Việt · 中文 · Edit links. This page was last edited on 22 December This app module enhances access and usage of Goldwave audio editor. Goldwave and keyboard commands, refer to Goldwave Manual. GoldWave is a digital audio editor that offers an array of functionalities such as See more apps in Tom’s Guide for more Windows Information and Windows.

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If you just click the right mouse button, a context menu appears, which can be used to start playback at any position. When recording or using effects such as ResamplePlayback Rateor stereo effects, the channel setting does not apply and both the left and right channels are modified. Note that quality may be reduced as well.

GoldWave – Wikipedia

Msnual float attribute tells GoldWave that the numbers range from Select the “Full volume to silence, linear” item. Editing a full CD requires at least 1GB of storage.

Note that these faders do not change the recording volume. It prompts you to provide a destination folder where GoldWave will be installed.

Download GoldWave 6.30 for Windows

A value of doubles the envelope, which doubles the amount audio removed from the sound. Control Window Properties The Properties button presents the Control Properties window containing several tabs to configure playback, recording, volumes, visuals, and devices. Encoded Audio is compressed using an encoding algorithm. To remove a point, click espaoll right mouse button over the point. In some cases, you’ll need to trace the outline of the graph or draw completely different shapes to reduce the unwanted frequencies levels.


The left and right visuals display audio in a variety of ways, as listed in the table. When the line stretches diagonally from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, the input amplitude x and output amplitude y are the same for every point on the line.

GoldWave 5.69

This command is frequently used after recording to trim any leading or trailing silence. Open the sound containing the music.

Choose Trim from the Edit menu. To disable Undo, set the number of undo levels to zero. The Prebuffer time specifies the amount of audio to store prior to activation.

They can remove deep rumbling hum or remove unwanted sounds below the given cutoff frequency. The frequency analysis graph can help determine that shape. This is particularly useful for removing a complex buzz or hum. In other words, the second echo is delayed twice as long, the third echo is delayed three times as edpaol, and so on.

Holding both the shift and control keys moves the finish marker. Cue Point This submenu lists commands for working with cue points.

The larger the value, the more averaging is applied to the audio and the duller it espalo sound. The Undo command reverses the most recent change made to a sound. As an alternative, you can use the Copy To command to save the selection to a separate file.

GoldWave Manual

Use Select View to select all of the sound currently shown in the Sound window’s graph. This is often used to see the phase difference between two equal frequency signals. Length sets the length of the smoother filter. The function of each button is displayed in the lower status bar when the mouse pointer is positioned directly over it.


Shape Controls Several effects in GoldWave use Shape Controls to set graphical parameters or dynamically alter the effect across the selection. Frequency Range The From and To boxes specify the initial frequency range of the filter.

See the Appendix D for a tutorial. Note that endpoints cannot be removed. Compressed files are not supported. The eepaol must be held down.

Delete The Delete command removes the selection from the sound. Espaool this setting off if you do not want to change the length of the selection or have any silence inserted. Tapping the pedal starts or pauses playback. As an alternative, you can use the Copy To command to save the selection to a separate file or use the AutoTrim command to automatically trim silences.

This makes it easier to trim the file after recording. Only files espaop one ‘data’ chunk are supported. A volume of 0dB is full volume.

Toggles speaking of commands during audio editing. You are prompted for the mix volume applied to the clipboard and the start time. In practical terms, dynamics can increase the volume of quiet sections of a sound without greatly increasing the loud sections as well. In hard drive based editing, the entire sound is stored in a temporary file on your hard drive where it can be mnaual.