Electronique de commutation: Cours et Exercices corrigés (French Edition) [ Youcef Touati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cette ouvrage. 6 exercices corrigés sur le redressement ko; Annexe: Simulation des ponts 1- Principe du hacheur série; 2- Application à la commande d’un moteur à. capteur et instrumentation exercices by oussama9khouribache. Automatique non linéaire TD + examens corrigés. Uploaded by EP Chap4 Hacheurs.

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Commande adaptive d’une machine asynchrone. The paper deals with an indirect self-tuning speed control for an induction motor supplied by a chopper-filter-inverter system.

Emphasis is put on the evaluation of the parameter identification in order to avoid instabilities because of disturbances or insufficient excitations. This is especially of importance when the adaptive control is carried out in closed loop systems and without additional test signals. Simulation results show the improvement of the dynamic responses hacgeurs the robustness against load variations or parameters variations rotor resistance, inertia.

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Contribution to the design and the control of synchronous double excitation machines: Double excitation machines are synchronous machines where two excitation circuits coexist: This study shows that double excitation allows to combine the advantages of synchronous machines with winded inductor with those of permanent magnet machines. This concept allows a better dimensioning of the converter- machine set and a better energy management. In order to allow the operation of permanent magnet machines over a wide range of speeds, it is necessary to have a magnetic reaction of the induced circuit of the same order than the excitation flux.

On the other hand, the power factor is weaker and the power supply converter is over-dimensioned. The double excitation allows the permanent magnet machines to work over a large speed range with a better power factor, even when the magnetic corrrigs of the induced circuit is relatively weak with respect to the excitation flux.

A modification of Java virtual machine for counting bytecode commands. The objective of the thesis was to implement or modify an existing Java virtual machine JVM in a way that it will allow insight into statistics of the executed Java instructions of an executed user program. The functionality will allow cofrigs of the algorithms in Java environment. After studying the theory of Java and Java virtual machinewe decided to modify an existing Java virtual machine.

Modelisation de la conversion electromecanique des machines These implemented models would constitute the module of possible generators that one could couple with a model of wind power engine in order to study, within the framework of a virtual laboratory, the performances of wind-driven systems of electricity generation. Contribution to ckrrigs automatic command in robotics – Application to the command by microprocessors of the articulated systems; Contribution a la commande automatique en robotique.

Application a la commande par microprocesseurs des manipulateurs articules. The first part of the present paper deals with the main methods of hacheurd the coordinates for a general articulated system. After a definition of the coordinates changing, we propose a coordination system designed for easy programming of the movements. Its characteristic is to permit the action anywhere on the manipulated object. The second part deals with the force regulation problem. For this purpose we have developed a general force sensor.

The informations delivered by the sensor are used by force regulators which are intended for the automatic assembly of subsystems. In the third part the dynamic problem of the articulated systems is exposed. We present a new method which allows to determine dynamic parameters from appropriate motions of the robot. These parameters are then used to implement the dynamic control.


elec. puissance

Several applications, using the powerful microprocessor INTEL and its arithmetic coprocessorare presented, in order to demonstrate the performances gained. Apres une definition adequate de ce dernier, nous proposons un systeme de coordination permettant une programmation facile des mouvements.

Sa caracteristique est de prendre comme centre d’action un point quelconque de l’objet manipule. Dans exerxices deuxieme partie, nous etudions la regulation en effort. Hacheura cela nous avons developpe un capteur de forces general. Les informations que delivre ce dernier sont utilisees par des regulateurs d’effort adaptes au contexte de l’assemblage automatique des pieces. Dans la troisieme partie, nous exposons une nouvelle methode de commande dynamique des systemes articules.

Nous obtenons des parametres dynamiques du robot a partir de mouvements appropries. Ces derniers sont ensuite utilises dans l’elaboration des commandes. Banc d’essai des machines de pression positive continue Man- Machine Communication in Remote Manipulation: Thus, corrige PN are developed hierarchically, by the machine from the exervices down to the Slafkosky Cameron Station, Bldg.

Direct torque control; Machines asynchrones. Commande par controle direct de couple. The asynchronous machinewith its low cost and robustness, is today the most widely used motor to make speed variators. However, its main drawback is that the same current generates both the magnetic flux and the torque, and thus any torque variation creates a flux variation. Such a coupling gives to the asynchronous machine a nonlinear behaviour which makes its control much more complex.

The direct self control DSC hafheurs has been developed to improve the low efficiency of the scalar control method and for the specific railway drive application.

Existence conditions of optimal trajectories in dynamic control processes; Conditions d’existence de trajectoires optimales des processus dynamiques commandes. Centre d’ Etudes Nucleaires.

The existence of solutions in the optimal control problems with free endpoints is studied in this report and existence conditions are established without the usual assumption that the control region is convex.

Furthermore the corrrigs, in order to be of some utility in physical applications, are expressed only by means of conditions on the parameters defining the system. Des conditions d’existence y sont formulees sans recourir a l’hypothese usuelle de convexite du domaine des valeurs des commandes.

De plus hacheurrs a cherche a rendre utilisables les resultats en ne faisant porter les conditions que sur les parametres directement accessibles du systeme. Man- machine interface in a submarine command and weapon control system: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. hachers

Full Text Available Important man- machine interface MMI issues concerning a submarine command and weapon control system CWCS such as crew organization, automation level and decision support are discussed in this paper.

Generic submarine CWCS functions and operating conditions are outlined. Detailed, dynamic and real-time prototypes were used to support the MMI design. The prototypes are described and experience with detailed prototyping is discussed. Some of the main interaction principles are summarized and a restricted example of the resulting design is given.

The need for both formal and experimental approaches is emphasized.

autotransformer cours and solved exercise – Electrical Circuits

Stable direct adaptive fuzzy control extended applied to the asynchronous machine. For about ten years, electrical machines have been commonly used in naval propulsion systems for civilian applications. This is mainly due to new magnetic materials magnets This kind of propulsion is corrisg to be implemented on military ships. However, some constraints of discretion make this propulsion require specific systems for the ship security.

This study is then dedicted to the magnetic discretion of nava Les circuits auxiliaires sont des enroulements de correction boucles de tour et? Modelisation des effets physico-techniques pour la conception des This puts high demands on the speed and accuracy of the controller that positions the throttle plate. The throttle control problem is complicated by two strong nonlinear effects, friction and limp-home torque.


This paper proposes the use of two, simultaneously active, static compensators to counter these effects and approximately linearize the system. A PID controller is designed for the linearized system, where pole placement is applied to design the PD controller and a gain scheduled I-part is added for robustness against model errors.

A systematic procedure for generating compensator and controller parameters from open loop experiments is also developed. The controller performance is evaluated both in simulation, on a throttle control benchmark problem, and experimentally.

A robustness investigation pointed out that the limp-home position is an important parameter for the controller performance, this is emphasized by the deviations found in experiments. The proposed method for parameter identification achieves the desired accuracy. Notes about the Palais des Machines of in Paris: Full Text Available The Palais des Machines of the Paris Universal Exposition ofdesigned by the architect Charles Louis Ferdinand Dutert and the engineer Victor Contaminis undoubtedly an icon of the 19th century architecture: To achieve this, the three most celebrated architectural aspects of the building are analysed: Ions behaviour in a wilson chamber with internal self- command ; Comportement des ions dans une chambre de wilson a autocommande interne.

The authors put in evidence the phenomenon of multiplication and recover the required conditions for the working of the proportional counters. They verify that the ions reach quickly a steady aggregation state in their gas-steam mixture. They signal an unexpected phenomenon that they assign at a thermodynamic reason. Les auteurs mettent en evidence le phenomene de multiplication et retrouvent les conditions requises pour le fonctionnement des compteurs proportionnels.

Ils verifient que les ions atteignent rapidement un etat d’agregat stable dans leur melange gaz-vapeur. Ils signalent un phenomene inattendu qu’ils attribuent a une cause thermodynamique. The last twenty years have seen tremendous progresses in the design and synthesis of complex molecular machinesoften inspired by the beauty of the machinery found in biological systems. However, amplification of the molecular machines motion over several orders of magnitude above their typical length scale is still an ambitious challenge.

This work describes how self-organization of molecular machines or motors allows for the synthesis of materials translating the motions of their component The large scale superconducting devices which are now in operation for deviation of heavy particles, acceleration of light particles or plasma confinement need very large powers of refrigeration.

After a short survewing of the different functions of refrigerators and the special requirements for large units, the paper describes some existing or envisaged cooling systems which have an equivalent cooling power in the range of 5 kW at 4.

Non-linear control of a doubly fed induction machine ; Commande non-lineaire d’une machine asynchrone a double alimentation. This study deals with linear and non-linear control strategies applied to the rotation speed feedback of a doubly fed induction machine DFIMwhose stator and rotor windings are connected to two Pulse Width Modulation voltage source inverters. We choose to distribute the active powers between the stator and the rotor following a certain proportionality ratio.

This leads to guarantee, in steady state operation, a stator and rotor angular frequencies sharing. This distribution is initially assured by two shared angular frequencies controllers, and in a second time by the means of the Park transformation angles directly.

Two models are established: